Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful! 

Hello Beautiful - I'm Amanda!
It is my ambition as your intimate portrait artist to photograph the real, raw and beautiful you! I believe in celebrating and inspiring confidence in every woman.  

Growing up I've had many struggles with self reflection, body image and an eating disorder. As I grew older (mostly going through High School) my obsession to be skinny became destructive. I mentally bullied myself alot for being a size 2 and not a size 0. My goal everyday was to eat less than 500 calories and to exercise for at least 2 hours. I fought my way through my 'eating disorder' and I really struggled after joining the military. As my mother told me, I was becoming a woman and that was the reason for my curves, weight and muscle gain while in boot camp. A few years went by and I was still on the struggle bus, but not as bad...then 2 kids happened and BOOM it was back! 

It wasn't until about 2 years ago where I was finally able to look at myself and LOVE me for ME! And I can HONESTLY say that having my own intimate boudoir portrait session helped me. I've experienced 2 of them and EVERY time I left loving myself more! And even more so after I saw my gallery and just how beautiful I am. I found a way to LOVE me for ME! 

That brings me to this ladies...words CAN NOT express how much I LOVE a boudoir portrait session. It's my ultimate mission to build confidence in women and show them their pure beauty. The female body is an art form regardless what shape it takes. I mean look at what our bodies can do! Hello! You owe it to yourself and you deserve to feel and see just how beautiful you are!



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